Breakthroughs in Health and Wellness

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Nutritional Services

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Individual Consultations

Highly flexible nutritional consultations offered in 1 hour and 2 hour intervals

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Guided Interventions

A structured program providing intensive nutritional guidance in 3 sessions over 6 weeks

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Distant services

Individual nutritional consultations, connected via Skype, FaceTime, Viber or phone

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Group Services

Nutritional presentations, workshops, and corporate wellness programs

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Kitchen Visits

Support in your home to help integrate new nutritional strategies into your daily routine

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Shopping Excursions

Hands-on experience sourcing foods and supplements from farmer’s markets, local stores and online stores

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Intensive Transformation

Ongoing guided, mutually-strategized health overhaul

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Photo shoot

Celebrate YOU!  A 30-minute photo shoot in my home photo studio to capture you, in the moment, of now!

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