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LFC Nutrition facilitates breakthroughs in health, wellness, and athletic performance. L-F-C stands for Learn - Feel - Choose and refers to Amanda Buxbaum’s unique approach to nutritional counseling.

At LFC Nutrition exploration, connection, and inquiry are the building blocks of the learning experience. As a client, you explore what happens in the body and how different foods and supplements can change health outcomes. You learn new questions, receive new information, and explore new ways of looking at health, wellness, and athletic performance. New questions lead to new answers. Of the many new possibilities which will work best for you? Opportunities to feel your way through what works and what doesn’t work are built into the L-F-C approach. Feeling your way through what works creates numerous opportunities to choose. As a client, you choose among several options designed to meet your goals within the context of your preferences, tastes, culture, lifestyle and more.

Amanda’s unique approach offers LFC Nutrition clients an alternative to one size-fits-all nutrition counseling. Three values guide the L-F-C approach - connection, courage, choice. Amanda’s approach makes room for exploration of the rich landscape of meaning that informs food choices. We all associate food with moments, people, place, events, etc. A connection is forged as client and nutritionist explore these associations. Connection makes room for courage. Courage is required to share your story, medical history, eating habits, and the personal history that informs your food choices. Even more courage is required when you suspect your habits and choices are contributing to negative health outcomes. In turn, courage makes room for personal agency and choice.

Every bite is a choice. The client-centered approach at LFC Nutrition optimizes outcomes and facilitates the development of personalized nutritional solutions and supplements tailor to client needs. As a client of LFC Nutrition you can expect:

  1. Your needs, preferences, experiences, lifestyle and logistics to guide the development of your personalized roadmap to greater health, wellness, or optimal performance
  2. Your voice to be heard and decisions respected
  3. Guidance and support as you experience new foods, supplements, and form new habits

LFC Nutrition is a health and wellness practice based in Bethesda Maryland founded by Amanda Buxbaum MS, CNS, LDN.



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